Meet Bisma

Meet Bisma

A beautiful, modern WordPress theme.

My premium WordPress theme featuring Slidebars is now available. I set out to create a clean, focused theme that provides a consistent experience for users across all platforms and devices. Bisma prioritizes your content, equipping your website with a superior level of readability and usability.

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If you find any issues, please report them on Github.

Fixed Positions

Slidebars uses CSS transitions and transformations for its animation. There is a known issue about transforming elements that contain children with position: fixed;. You can over come this by following this guide.


Modal.js (also included with Bootstrap) doesn't display correctly when sitting inside a parent with position: relative;. Here is a css snippet to make modals work with Slidebars.

Squashed Content in Navbar

For those using Slidebars with Bootstrap, or any other framework that offers a full width navigation bar. You may be experiencing issues with squashed content in your navbar when using Android. This can easily be fixed with a css snippet.